Monday, November 5, 2012

Bittersweet 5th !

Hello sweetheart,

Wrong date, I tell you wroooooooongggg date laaaaaaahhh ! That's my beautiful, heart attack-ing, shocked, flowery first HELLO date. Ishhh ! :D

"I just lost the believe that I would have the love of my life." Come chello, let Kesher explain thissss.

* I am too rough to even be considered a choice of a man. Girlish-ness hiding deep inside. No on can see.
* I am capable of hitting a guy if he misbehave.
 (because of the house robbery, that bloody Indian wanted to hurt my mother and kill my father. NO WAY. I transformed, dunno how to change into a girlish girl now.. Haha ! :/ with that silent scream I had inside me, I am so loud now. Have to reverse that now. Sigh !)

* I don't believe sweet words.
* I can't stand flirting, maybe I should sit.. I don't know.. Whatever lah kan.
* I am just like this.

Now to your part,

* Hello sayang, I am here for you. Show me the attention not the girl who got whacked. (Oops, haha !) I am a girl I get jealous too. Hey, I am being human. 

* Hello sayang, I am here for you sayang-ing you gila-gila. Yes, you die I will cry. I might drown Klang in it. 

* Hello sayang, I would love to have commitments with you because I am here for real. When you say you don't want I feel like I failed to show that I care.

* Hello sayang, I know we are not talking over the phone. I am just here for you. Haha !


-the end-

Okay, maybe I look very childish that I look like a girl who can't handle tough things in life. Wrong mask on, I suppose. I got my heart under control. That is why the "NO HOPE" went well. Oh waittt, maybe I failed at showing you how much I LIKE, I CARE & all the other I - you. It's a thin line between me liking you and loving you. I definitely got that right. I can only love you if you accept me, thank god I did not jump into the ocean earlier. Haha. 

Facebook: That social network is like my bestfriend. I don't have a bestfriend. I miss her ='(. She passed away this year January. Yes a bestfriend like you and my anna. She left without telling me, suddenly in her sleep. Her name is Alina Ann Bede Philip. So, yes I am lost. Facebook accepted whatever nonsense I posted. I feel nice because I can visit Alina's profile everytime and imagine that she reads my post from Heaven and be updated. I am lost for real. Life would have been different if she was around. You wouldn't know I had a thing for you I guess. I am sure she would have wanted me to tell you and yes I did. That' why I always tell you, don't take my updates seriously. I am just lost like this. *wipes my tears* 
*ALINA ANN BEDE PHILIP AMBROSE SANTIAGO PEREIRA, you owe me big time. I will meet you up there when my turn is up. YOU WAIT !*

Keshereena Vijaya Kumar: Hi Hello, how are you ? No, I did not like you like small girls go crazy over Justin Bieber. I like you for real, because you are humanly real and that's all that matters. This is me, I don't demand for anything in life. I am more to the accepting the reality kinda person. 8months of being with you, I must say I am impressed with the way you are. I tell you now, I am definitely gonna be jealous if any girl wins your heart. Man, I lost it weii. Haha. Coz sugar, you are my thing. Okay, now I sound cheesy. Haha ! When I see you, this is the first thing that crosses my mind "Oh my, cute fluffy teddy with that oh so handsome smile". Heeeeeeeeee ! *shy shy coming* I am never frustrated when I see you. I used to notice your timing and go to gym just to have a glance of you during the early days la. You make me happy la not frustrated.

What people say is what people say, don't take those seriously unless I say it myself. So, there was no hope shown but you shouldn't had said No easily. We should have spoken a little more. That was a slap when you said okay go ahead with your life. I don't know how to explain how much I like you but I took you seriously, VERY SERIOUSLY. You are one boy who is filled with love, care, truth and honesty despite the fact that you think you are negative la. I went a little deep inside that negativity to find more. Which girl wouldn't want you, you tell me nowwwwwwwwww? I want !

Maybe this song would help, listen to DESTINY'S CHILD-CATER TO YOU. Pay attention to the lyrics, that's how much I like you. Not that the song sums up everything but to explain a little. PLEASE LISTEN ! *cute puppy eyes blinking*

I am sorry if I have said anything wrong. No, don't leave. Please. I beg you. STAY ! Thank you. One part of me, deep inside me would love you to take back the words you said.. heeeeeeee... Will you? Hahaha.. because my dad said there's no harm to restart ! =P

Me will be meeting you as normal, reality you see. you no hurt me, me no hurt you. So we're friends. No fighting ! =) unless the words are taken back I can go all crazy over you again. I can't help it la, I weally weally like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Mr. Charming boy I met in gym all sweaty in his shorts !!! *face palm* 

Okay, now back to reality. That was words from the girl who is crazy over you. Well, you've made your move and I respect that. I will not cry and drown myself in it. I only play along with small sad matters. When I get hit with big things like this, I bounce back the next second because life has to go on. I will cut down on all the good morning and good night messages because that comes from the girl who wants to tell you hey your my first and last thought of the day. It won't be nice now if I do it because you need peace not Anbu thollai from me at this point right now. Hahaha. I will stop now, Mr. Crush.

Kesher shaaaayanggg you laaaaaa teddy ! =)

The girl who likes you/ who is CRAZY over you.