Saturday, January 15, 2011

FRIDAY the 14th !!!

14th January 2011

What's so special about this date? Nehh, nothing special but SCARYYYY ! Hahaha... WHY??

This is why it is SCARY ! It was Friday morning after we ended up our so not cool class and went to the rest area to finish up our assignment. As usual, it's ME,MIZA,HOLIC,ASMA,FATIN & IDA ! The GANGSTER'S ! Hahaha.. :D

First up, we were talking about the dissatisfaction we felt about the presentation that morning. Yupe, we were really angry about the situation. Well, screw it ! After that, we continued talking about our boyfriends, families and assignment's STORY. That was going on well until we drop into the ever interesting GHOST STORY !!!

So yeah, Asma was telling us about the experience with it when she was in her hostel back in school. She went to bed early and middle of the night she woke up. After that, she couldn't sleep and she felt that her partner was awake so she asked her whether is she sleeping or not and she answered NO !

It was like this " Akak dah tidur ke? the answer was "BELUM" ! As she repeated the question again and again that was the reply. The next morning when she asked her friends and they were like No, we were all sleeping ! Okay, what was that last night?? *think about it*

Yes, I have the ability to sense death and that is a bit freaky and I was explaining to them how I would know that. Based on that, Miza told us her story that her Grandparents went through.. Want to know? Let me show the picture first !

The great HANTU PO-CO-NG !

Ah'huh !!! Her grandparents was on the way back home in the olden days after work as they came across this in the middle of the road. Before that, there was story about a missing dead body that fell down by that road. It might be it. I don't know lah. So yeah, there is only two ways but the two ways u follow you would eventually DIE ! One, go across it and it will kill you. Two, runaway from it but it will chase you until it gets you. How?!!! There's another way, you must go backwards without your body touching the ground fully. How to do that? It is difficult I know. Her grandparents was on a bike. The grandpa had to use his toe to push the motorbike backwards until a distance and after that go away. The were real LUCKY !

THE BEST & FUNNY PART ! We got scared and CARRIED up our legs ! Hahahaa and ASMA told the prayer's so that we would be safe !!! And me, I followed their prayer's because I don't know which indian prayer's to tell ! Stupid me, I know ! The whole time we were in the rest area, YES, our legs were up ! :DDDD

We were also talking about other types of Malay GHOST ! Miza is good at it ! I want more story weyh. Babes, if you guys habe more, please story me ! Hahahaha...

So, this is WHY i wrote about this date ! You readers might feel boring reading this but trust me when you listen to it. It is like sooo OMG !!!