Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I skipped class because I was Sick ! :'(

I woke up in the morning and the whole world was spinning. Adding to that, I got my period. How worst that can be happening all over night? Gosh !

So yeah, I skipped class and I told my friends to inform the lecturer's and they did !

& guess what ? My lecturer can actually ask them "Sick also can be active on facebook eh?" I mean like come on ! It happened in the night so before that I was okay !!! Well, like as if no one stays on facebook when they are sick ? Pffft ! Sometimes people can just be so cruel to bring out such statement. I am not physically ill until I cant even do anything. Facebook is just about using the mouse. click click click !!! Haiz, I felt so sad when i heard that statement because I don't simply skip class. I provide letter for every damn thing. Those who simply skip get away just like that but with reason gets questioned?

Perhaps since I am being AIMED so I get bombed ! It's okay... I am ready for it !