Saturday, July 7, 2012

All sweaty in shorts ! :) :D :P

It's not easy to fall in love or like someone that easily when you have a past of a broken heart which is based on trust. Every boy/girl will look like a terrorist of you heart, the fear would blind you from seeing the good part of a person. Past? Forgetting it is a little hassle and it will take time. I could say this because I've been through it before. My heart didn't want to allow itself to be hurt again UNTIL I HAD A GLANCE OF HIM AT THE GYM.

The attraction ? Seriously, I don't know what is it that I am attracted too but I just love watching him in the gym. My eyes would just want to follow him. If I am not mistaken I was doing it for maybe 2 to 3 months. Some how the time we hit the gym is almost the same and I always get the chance to just get that one tiny glance of him and just smile to myself. Here is another cute part, he comes in with his lovely mother. How sweet is that ? Aww-ness !

There was this one day while I was on the machine, it triggered my mind to go and say hi to him but I was a bit scared so I decided to go and do my sit up. "Hi Keshereena, you don't remember me is it?" A voice came by at the back of me. I was shock because I am always there alone and who could it be? As I lay down and  look up, IT WAS HIMMMMM ! Haaaaaaaaa? How did he know my name ? I quickly got up and stared at his face. Oh boy, he was my high school friend. Of course, I knew that after being explained by him. I still wasn't sure until I came back home and did a little research. Now, I remember. The cupid kinda hit me a little, Oh high school sweetheart ! :P
One mistake I did, I used to call him brother back in school. How sad, but past is past right furthermore, I don't remember calling him that. Why oh Why? Hahaha. Restart ! :D

The heart smiled,  oh yessss my heart smiled ! It also wondered, how did I miss that chance before ? :O It feels so real, I hope it is here to stay and I don't want it to fade away.