Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why you NO use your brains ?

Tolerance level.

The ability to accept and be patience with something we don't prefer. Near to it lah.

Is it acceptable to smoke in the class when the teacher/lecturer is teaching ?

The obvious answer is NO ! *I will explain later*

I don't know why I have friends in class who don't use their brains when they are suppose to. He came up with WHY NOT?

Seriously, why not smoke in the class in front of the teacher/lecturer? A little respect for him/her who is taking the effort to educate you to be a better person? There's no point of acting smart and talking a lot when you can't reason yourself well or balance your facts or opinion wisely. You will just lose your face or name in front of the rest who actually could do so. So before you say anything, think for a second. We ain't in highschool, don't be a disgrace.

Today's class was about Culture differences and how it differs by family's believe. So, my lecturer asked us a question where we are suppose to think as Managers.

What's the differences between a Muslim girl and a Hindu Muslim girl?

Without even thinking for a second a boy answered "SKIN COLOUR" !!!

I mean seriously dude, you were lucky that you were sitting behind and I didn't get to see your face or else I would have burnt you. How dumb can you be to judge someone by their skin colour ? What does colour has go to do with anything? I really felt sad for the girl who was affected in class. The next time I hear any discrimination in the class, my bag would really fly and hit their face for sure. ACCEPT PEOPLE FOR WHO THEY ARE & USE YOU BRAINS !!!

I am slightly elder than most of them in my class, so yes all this makes me think. What are our youngsters made off? What will they become in the future? I mean, why can't they watch what they preach. I am definitely very sad to witness all this.