Thursday, July 5, 2012

So much to say !

I talk a lot, I think a lot and yes, I have so many things on my mind. I quit writing blog sometime back and I realise it was a mistake. I should have continued. I started paying attention only on Facebook. That was my mistake. People couldn't accept that I have so much to say. Even expressing myself was a trouble to them. As much as I try to avoid, things get worse. I like to share thoughts with people. Those who accepts that part of me, Thank you very much. To those who can't, I am sorry. I hate to argue and that is why I am shifting. I am not reasoning myself, I just want to save my relationship with all of you. Everyone has their own opinion, so for those who wants stories from me can read my blog and to those who feels I am crowding my facebook, there will be none. This way I don't harm anyone. I still speak my mind, its just that I put it where it belongs. I am not doing this for you people, I am doing this for myself. I dont want to have this kind off silly things bothering my mind. I value your friendship and I make changes as a appreciation. This is me, a girl with a head full of question. I would love to talk with someone real but I realise that they fail to listen or they either block it with statements which you can't discuss. Nature of human perhaps, very little who wants to listen and analyse or even give someone to speak their mind.